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Sand and Refinish

After installation sand and refinish of maple with border *More pictures on installation page

After installation of 1.5" red oak sand and refinish. *More photos on installation page

Cherry Sand and Refinish

The first images show the wood stripped of finish and scratches from our sanding.  Sealer and finish were applied to protect the floor and this created a rosy glow.

White Oak Kitchen Install and Sand and Finish

Douglas Fir End Grain Sand and Finish

This was a large sand and finish of end grain wood where we had to remove a thick layer of glue from an old carpet that had had been laid on top of the floor.  We also had to install a thousand feet, level it to the existing floor and repair parts of the floor.  After we sanded off all the glue, old finish and scratches, the gaps were filled with mud.  The mud was sanded off, the wood was polished to a shine and finish was applied.

Brazillian Cherry Sand and Refinish

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